Hiking can help improve people’s health condition, which is a very beneficial activity. It’s worth undertaking because it cannot help people to improve their nature appreciation level and can also cultivate their minds. People should hold the belief that hiking can help you to reach the success bench.

Hiking, namely walking, is also a speaking of the civilian. Hiking has many classifications, like suburban, rural, mountain, rivers and many other regions. In most cases, go on foot is always happening in places of suburbs and rural areas. When walkers are conducting long-distance hiking activities, they usually need to wear specialized hiking shoes to protect the soles. There are three meanings for hiking in ancient times, namely go on foot, common people and the infantry.
The following passages are focusing on some topics of hiking. The classification of hiking is depend on different regions, people classified into suburban, rural, mountain, jungle, desert wilderness, snowy glaciers, valleys, plains, mountains, the Great Wall trail, grass, lake, rivers and other classified on foot. A short distance on foot is usually within 15 km, and the middle distance on foot is usually among 15 to 30 kilometers, and certainly, the long distance hiking is more than 30 km.
Hikers have to wear specialized hiking shoes if the distance is quite long, in order to protect the shoes soles and for some of the physical training activity walkers, they also have a need to load with a 10-15 kg weight materials.And hiking enthusiasts and other outdoor sports enthusiasts, also known as “ALICE”.Hiking Cross refers to a outdoor acivity which require the hikers finish all their hiking tasks completely by walking. The hikers may meet with many landscapes during the process of hiking, include mountains, jungles, deserts, snowfields, streams, canyons and other landscapes. The field integrated hikers should have a higher skill in mountain climbing, rock climbing, rafting, boating, and outdoor survival. The hiking cross walker must have a good physical condition, stable psychological quality and ethical standards, and also the team spirit. A successful hiking task must have a preparation before the start, hikers should have a deeper understanding of the hiking regions for its conditions, which include the weather, topography, degree of difficulty, the risk factor, necessary equipment, food, medicines, etc. The knowledge, exploration, and the unpredictable characters ask the hikers to get to know the relevant knowledge and skills of outdoor survival in order to meet the various outdoor situations.
Good health and good physical conditions are the most important elements that the hikers should have. The hikers can not omit these prerequisite because there is no shortcuts to develop one body into a suitable one except the physical training program. In terms of endurance, strength, and weight-bearing walking gradually enhance, swimming, hiking, distance running and cycling can help to increase physical endurance training skills and every day push-ups, dumbbell, sit-ups and chin-up are also feasible in increasing strength training skills.
Here are some necessities for a hiker. First are the essential supplies: backpack, quick-drying pants or long-sleeved, hiking boots. A sunscreen and a hat or sunglasses are very useful in protect yourself from being sunburn. Personal medicines are also very important, like medicated oil, bone-setting medicine, stickers, stomach or individual effects of drugs, anti-mosquito drugs. Remind every body to prepare their personal water and appropriate supplement for the journey. And second are the recommended supplies: alpenstock, towels, plastic bags, spare clothes, camera, headlights, and waterproof bag.

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